Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's day and MORE!

The MORE...let's start with the more! We have just been going non-stop. If it's not one thing it's another, if it rains, it pours, etc. I feel like I have been saying these things all to often. I know I should be counting my blessings but I am also really starting to wonder when we are going to catch a break! A little less than two weeks ago, Bryan started feeling sick to his stomach. He said it felt like someone was taking a wet rag and ringing it out inside of his stomach. Sounded like a contraction if you ask me! Anyway, after days of no relief, he went to the dr to get checked out and looked so pitiful, and dehydrated, that they admitted him immediately! He was there overnight and released only to have a few not so fun to do procedures done over the next couple of days! Turns out he had an intestinal virus but missed an entire week of work. On Monday, Bryan's first day back at work, I somehow managed to forget that my baby, Cole, started crawling all over the place. He has always just laid in my bed in the morning's while I got ready, watching cartoons. Well not anymore. Sure enough I hear-SPLAT, and he had crawled straight off of the bed. Landed on his back on the carpet but I think I cried more than he did...not a good way to start off the week. Then I had to be that mother explaining at daycare what had happened to my poor child...and Bryan says the sad thing is, I should have learned my lesson after Parker did the same thing! Woops!
Not two days later, we get a call from Parker's teacher at daycare that he woke up from his nap...looking like this! Parker is highly allergic to bug bites, and after 2 days of doctor visits, 2 shots, and 3 prescriptions, his eye is finally starting to look better!

Now, onto the mothers day update! We pulled off the surprise of a lifetime for my mom for mother's day! She was going to be all alone, her husband in Tennessee doing disaster claims after the tornadoes and working most of the weekend. I felt bad and thought we (me and both brothers) should take this opportunity to all go down to BR since this was the first mothers day all three of her children have been in the same state in I don't know how many years. We left Saturday morning and suprised her at Our Lady of the Lake hospital at lunchtime that day! She was SO surprised, her brain did not even register what was happening at first and it took her a few minutes to realize that we were all there! It made for a great surprise! We ate, ate, and ate more and saw most of the family and made it home in time to spend some time with Bryan's mom Sunday night! Whew! Here are some pictures from Perkin's Rowe where we had lunch Sunday and Parrain's Seafood restaurant where we ate dinner Saturday night!

Things are finally slowing down, I guess :) We have Hayden's birthday party this weekend. I am finally getting settled into my new job and I absolutely love it. I am thinking about becoming an extreme couponer...only kidding, I don't have the time, but I am pretty addicted to the show. Here's a few more to end on! See you soon and happy birthday again to my sweet husband who turned a whopping 31 on Monday!

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